City Ston

The village of Ston is known for the second longest walls in the world and the oldest saltworks in Europe that remain authentic since the antique times. Ston walls feature three forts (Veliki Kaštion, Koruna i Podzvizd), forty one towers , seven bastions (Sokolić,Arcimonin Ston, three bastion of  Veliki Kaštio, bastion Podzvizd and Arcimon) ,four support walls (eastern and southeastern side in Ston, one in front of Mali Ston and one in front of Koruna, as well as a mote filled with water which encircled western, southern and eastern side of Ston

This area is famous for their excellent wine and fresh shellfish (oysters and mussels).

Spend your day in exploring this picturesque landscape and enjoy the unforgettable blends of the Dalmatian wine and authentic local cuisine.

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